Sales, Sales and MORE Sales!

Here are the list of sales going on this month- there’s loads going on so I thought it’d be easier and much more convenient if it was listed under a post. Most of my personal favourite stores are partaking in huge discounts, and my bank is ready for the incoming hole it’s about to face. Happy shopping!

  • DRD is having a return of old group gifts (free to join), 40% off storewide, 70% off select items, and re-release of some of their old gachas. I personally love DRD, and I can’t help but to horde everything they have, even ones that i probably don’t need. Why? You may ask; but there is no reason why. I just have to get them all. (<– is obsessed). Summer sale runs until July 27th.


  • Now, onto Addams. Again, this store is one of my FAVOURITE fashion stores in SL. They make amazing fitted clothes with pretty sweet textures to boot. Addams is having a month-long event scheduled with gifts, discounts and more gifts to celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary. The chronology of the fun-filled celebrations are shown in the picture right below, so be sure to check it out! Event runs until the 30th of July.


  • Now for the grand finale… the biggest summer deal I’ve ever seen to date. Up to 50% off! Participating designers include Blueberry, Deadwool, CandyDoll, TETRA, REIGN, FLITE, Vinyl, Just Because, Foxes and Maddict. This was really magical for me as most of the participating designers, I personally adore and frequent – especially Blueberry and REIGN. This would be a good time to pick-up some of the releases that you’ve always wanted to get but went.. eh, maybe later. This sale was a good chance for me to see what the other stores offered, and boy oh boy, did I find hidden jewels. One can never have too many clothes and shoes. Ends at 14th July!


Here are the landmarks:

  1. DRD (press here)
  2. Addams (press here)
  3. Blueberry (press here)
  4. Deadwool (press here)
  5. CandyDoll (press here)
  6. TETRA (press here)
  7. Reign (press here)
  8. FLITE (press here)
  9. Vinyl (press here)
  10. Just Because (press here)
  11. Foxes (press here)
  12. Maddict (press here)

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